Mazroc, City of Spice

Failing the Dark Lanterns' Exam
A valiant attempt but tied with the Tiny Terrors
Mazroc's secret service held a trainee competition and our heroes fresh from solving the mystery of a stolen key decided to call themselves the Librarians…......"shhhhhh"

Moving through a series of tests the Librarians found themselves as the short end of the stick landing near last place by achieving a tie score with the group called the Tiny Terrors.  Brother Grim angry at the loss of grasping the opportunity to serve the city, in anger, overturned a giant party table laden with beverages for the participants. That drew the attention of everybody (several hundred people) but most importantly of the city guard the the powerful wizard proctors of the challenge.

Huindir's friend Avarous who also participated in the challenge, came to the aid of the guard-brawling Grim and deftly stole and stabbed a guard, dropping him but unsuccessfully faced a disintegration ray in response.

A very unrepentant Grim shouted insults at the judge during his hearing and got an additional 6 months added to his one year prison term, Mazroc's laws clearly infuriating him to the point of violence and murderous intent upon the judge himself. 

18 months in the frosty underdark mining the spice clearly did not help Grim clear his anger nor to reflect on his "misdeeds" to any different conclusion when he went into prison.

Waiting at his departure day were his two remaining AWOLers, Little Relis and the ever Mellow Nar Terin did odds and ends surviving on the street waiting for Grim to get out of prison. Once out and walking back to the the city they came upon an ransacked trading wagon and learned from two kobalds that they needed help in rescuing a certain cousin trapped in Horatio Quigley's side show of freaks in the Throat. 

The not very appealing show revealed Lumbie still a member along with a 2-headed turtle girls, a salmon harpy and other oddities but now how to rescue an obese kobold in a diaper…...
Invasion of the Gree Daggers
An Introduction

You didn’t meet in a tavern. Although taverns are your most joyful times together considering the past 18 months has mainly been one of misery, desperation, killing, frost burn, and most of all war…

You met on the battlefield. Brothers in arms you fought for the Derkessel army lead by the dwarven king Vogash the Magnified. He has been in 20 year war with his cousin, King Gimval Bearwarden, throne usurper in the Spice Colonies of Vastavar.

Your platoon was sent on a reconnaissance mission to investigate a surface ruin that was rumored to be an outpost for a Bearwarden supply route. What you found was a necromancer and a contingent of ghouls that killed most of your platoon. Your squadron was actually guarding the rear so at the end of the pyrrhic victory the necromancer was dead, his minions and a small contingent of dwarven mercenaries destroyed thanks to the sacrifice of your platoon. There were also a score of civilians including dwarven children. Your commander ordered all the dwarves slaughtered. You disobeyd and so fled to the safety of the free city of Mazroc . Albeit a dangerous place full of drow and other scum, at least there are no Vogashians to hunt down the AWOL. Three months later you have learned the ways of the city but were then broke and looking for work.

So going with what you know you looked the options. Private criminal investigators, mercenary guards, recruits for the city’s secret service, bounty hunters, but instead you decided on do-gooders. Your priest, the sensible Nar Terin Larawib was arrested for “inciting a riot” and during his payment to society (cleaning the streets of Mazroc) came across a burglary. Taking down the thugs and pursuing the leader across a harrowing set of ramshackle docks you learned that this stolen key from the locksmith had a more complicated story than mere theft. You were then led to hideout of the Green Daggers, a 2 bit gang that became diseased and were told by a suddenly appearing priest that an antidote could be obtained if the gang stole this particular key. But invading their hideout nearly cost Huindiur his life after opening a sealed closet and being attacked by a swarm of poisonous spiders, Robertis tried to torch Huindiur and accidentally lit his long hair on fire severely burning himself along with his brother in arms sending both to the floor writhing in agony. But eventually they did destroy the thieves network only to piece together that this mysterious priest had delivered a bogus antidote to the Green Daggers and was probably the same one involved in the book stealing at the library a couple days previously.

The astute Nar Terin pieced together the information and questioned the one witness at the theft from the Mazroc library as this young Jeremelian priest managed to grab a necklace from the thief. The bard immediately recognized it as a Cairn Warden and after sleuthing this trinket’s identity from a hired sage located it’s home in an abandoned tomb a days journey from the city.

A little area in the tomb fit perfectly with the necklace and the party managed to open a secret passage way, one filled with blood cascading into a 100 foot chasm downward. Our brave group began to descend to explore, only to be attacked by half a dozen zombies.

The Squadron:

Huindiur “the Muscle” human fighter

Larawib “Logistics Expert” nar terin priest of Sariel

Brother Grim “Wild Child” dwarf aecetic monk

Relis “Mr. Morale” bard and motivational speaker, gnome

Robertis “the Golden” and “Loose Ends Coordinator” ghael

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